Friday, December 25, 2015

Such a lovely time

i am having such a wonderful time with the family.

We had a lovely Christmas Day with some very excited kids. That is so nice and something I have been missing so much. Throughout your life you tend to take so many things like this for granted until they are no longer there - saviour every moment as you travel through life, you never know what is around the corner.

I am so loving being with all the family and not feeling alone. I always try to see things through the 'glass half full mentality'. I know this is not always easy but there is always changes going on and we need to adapt.

I must admit it has taken a few days but I am starting to feel more relaxed. Yesterday someone gave me a back massage and boy could I feel the tension leaving me. That will be my New Year's resolution - have regular massages to relieve some of my stress rather than let it build up.

I wish everyone a great festive season..

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  1. Merry Christmas from Canada Diane. And yes, savour every moment <3