Saturday, December 12, 2015

Don't ask why

The other day, when we got home from George's club, I was tidying up and getting things ready for tea and the evening caregiver.

Suddenly I became aware that water was running somewhere. I went to investigate and found George in the bathroom. In the shower ( which he had turned on ) was his pull-ups, his trousers and his socks.
He was standing in the bathroom watching.

I turned off the shower, got the stuff off the shower floor and put into the rubbishy or washing machine. I cleaned him up and got him dressed.

We then sat and talked about some photos until he was ready to look through his books. Once settled I then finished off the tea.

I have learnt not to ask George what he is doing or why as he really has no idea.

By quizzing all you will do is make the person more confused or upset, best just to with it and move on.

Don't worry, be happy.

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