Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Murphy's law

Got George from the home when I returned. He was able to tell me all about the home and he knew who had been in to see him. Very impressed that remembered that. He was very pleased to be coming home.

Unfortunately I got a chest infection on the plane (Murphy's law). Care givers often find their immunity systems get run down. I am taking plenty of vitamins etc. We are in the position of carrying on no matter how we feel while others can go to bed for a day or two and recover while it takes me some time - slow and steady.

I must say that it has been all on since I have been home.

Something George does a lot is cut up magazines and books. All the bits of paper are strewn over the floor. I am constantly picking the bits up. If I want to keep a book or magazine I need to hide it.

I need lots of cupboards with locks on!!