Monday, January 30, 2017

The next step

The doctor did his rounds early this morning and was busy when I arrived arrived. I went through to George.

After the doctor left the nurse came through to me.

The doctor has put in an urgent referral to PMH.

They are expecting him to be assessed at hospital level dementia. There are only two hospitals here catering at this level.

I will need to check these out as well as find out what happens if there is not a vacancy.

Very hot with strong winds here today. This has been playing havoc with my breathing so I going slowly but surely.

Got quite a bit done but it takes it out of me.

Time for a rest

I have just had a phone call and the assessment will be made tomorrow! Golly they move quickly when they want to.

I will have to see if I can get someone to help with the move. I will need a taxi to put the wheelchair. After I have got him in there I will need to take the wheelchair back to the other home. I need to pack up all his clothes, tv, cabinet personal goods etc. these will take me several trips to the car. Unfortunately the drive has been dug up for repairs. I will have to walk some distance with all the things. There is too much for one trip. I am not sure how many I will need to take. It means it is more difficult. At the othe end I need to unpack and settle him.

Everyone has just gone back to work this week so won't be able to help. It will take me most of the day. With my breathing at the moment it will be a difficult job, especially on my own.


  1. Hope it all goes well Di and you get the help you need from some kind souls.

  2. Thanks Paul. I will sort something. Just a difficult time

  3. So do I but just having this contact is a great help isn't it