Sunday, January 22, 2017

Adventure on Fantasy Island

Well, although we were awake today, we had a very different reality.

It had taken four caregivers to help get him up this morning. A major problem is he becomes a deadweight and is also unable to help.

Since he was in isolation with the shingles he prefers to stay in his room all day. I am not sure that leaving them in their room all day like that is helpful. I understand the reasons but it was for 2 to 3 weeks. George got quite used to it and is content, at present, to stay there on his own and have people coming in and out.

It is hard to get him walking let alone to the lounge. I have explained to him that if anyone comes to visit him that we will not be able to take him out as we have done in the past. He has promised to practise but no luck today as he was sure he had a sore back.  Let's hope for some improvement.

When I talked about going to the lounge he told me 4 people  jumped on him and started to hit him. Later I asked him who I was. He told me I was a conspirator... I told him I have never jumped on him and hit me and he then said no it was his four wives! Talk about a vivid imagination but at least he was happy.


  1. George certainly has a vivid imagination Di. Hope you are able to persuade him to move from his room soon.