Thursday, January 19, 2017

So hard

There are times, when no matter how up beat you try to be, it really is very difficult to accept how bad things are.

George was in someone else's room and rummaging through their drawers. A carer found him when he fell over. He seems to be OK but they are keeping a close eye on him.

Because of his difficulties with food he is now having his food mashed up to make it easier for him.

He is becoming very reluctant to get out of bed. This started with the Shingles. Today he went back to bed and clutched the blanket. Three carers tried to get him up.  He tends to curl into a foetal position, gets very tense and becomes a dead weight. Very passive/aggressive!

 He does have a vice like grip when he wants to. The poor doctor today  was checking him out. George reached out and knocked his glasses off. It was extremely difficult for us to get them off him without breaking them.

I told him he would need to be up soon to have a red wine with tea. He did perk up then so fingers crossed.

It really is soul destroying at this time watching this disease progress.