Friday, June 24, 2016

Ups and downs

i find that George is constantly up and down. On Tuesday and Wednesday this week he was so lucid and then the last two days very confused and sleepy. I am really reticent to take him out at the moment as he is so slow and frail when walking. I am wondering whether just to take him for a drive to feed the ducks when he doesn't need to get out of the car.

Today I bought a big Boston bun and a pineapple sponge car for them all to have for afternoon tea.

As I have told the nurse there 'quality is more important than quantity'. I just want George to have the best quality of life that is possible. I also felt the same for Mum as was known in her Home and I also did the best I could to ensure this happened.


  1. I think feeding the ducks is a great idea. My mum is 95 and has dementia. She loves a short drive to the park where I always treat her to an ice cream. Such a simple thing to do but it gives her so much pleasure. Maureen loved seeing my mum enjoy herself on Wednesday rather than being stuck in the routine of her Care Home: she told me that she feared I was going to leave her there!

  2. I totally agree. I always took Mum out twice a week. Sometimes I took her down to the beach, other times for a coffee and sometimes we went to places where we had gone when I was a kid and we would talk about those times. Mum loved going out and so does George - it is the sort of thing they would normally be doing. I think we all have a fear of being put into a home and just being left to pass the time. I know your Mum will love going to the park and getting that ice cream. So did Mum, not at a park but at a fruit and vegetable place where they have fresh fruit ones - that is a really special treat day...

    You sound a great son