Monday, June 20, 2016

Settling in

George is settling well into the home. He is very much up and down. On Sunday he was really down. His mouth was slack and he was asleep most of the day. As he has vascular dementia as well when he is like this I wonder if it is a mini stroke. Then the next day he was a lot better and very with it. He improved even more and now he is walking better as well as being far more aware of what is going on. I have spoken to staff and have taken some red wine so he can have a glass when he goes to bed at night. He is thrilled about that.

Something I am noticing very much is that I am only now starting to grieve. When Dad died my focus was on keeping Mum going so she didn't feel alone. I know I succeeded as she told me. She then moved next door so I kept everything going on an even keel for her and George. Then I had Mum in the home, George as well as the earthquakes to deal with. Now for the first time I need to look after me. I guess it is the first time I have had the time to grieve. It is so much to grieve for - Mum, Dad, George as well as the earthquake losses. It can be quite overwhelming. I knew it would happen but I had thought I was handling things well.

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