Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Decisions, decisions, decisions

I have been patiently waiting for alterations and repairs to be done to the property we live in. We have been waiting for over five years. During this time George's Alzheimers has progressed a lot as can be expected.

Last year I realised that it means that George and I, along with all property, have to leave the property for at least six months. George has to go into a rest home due to his condition and his incontinence. We will be paying big time for this.

I have been very worried about how this will affect George's condition. I arranged so that when it happens George's routine will continue as much as possible.  This has been done with the expectation that I would be bringing him home.

However I now think that this is unrealistic.

I have recently been told that his disease has progressed to a point where he will no longer be able to attend his club.

George is going in to respite care so I can do some packing, it is impossible with him around!

For the last two weeks his regular caregiver has been on leave so he has been having a lot of relievers. While some are good others are not. As a consequence it has been a difficult two weeks for me and George has been extremely confused. It is in the lap of the God's as to whether George will be able to come home after the six months. Increasingly it is looking less and less likely.

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