Sunday, May 15, 2016


Took George out for lunch yesterday. We met some friends there. He knew who they were although not their names. He asked me what my christian name was as we walked across the road. He knows who I am but not necessarily my name. He rarely used my name and always had pet names for me. He rarely remembers names now although he recognises people.

When I arrived at the home the staff were just getting his things back in the drawers. He is regularly taking everything out and taking them all over the place. In there, there are not the number of clothes I deal with here on a daily basis.

He told our friends about going walkabout. He does remember that little episode but is not at all worried about it but sees it as an adventure. This time he said he was going to see the editor of the Press.

When George wants to go he starts to get restless. That is when I took him and we went back to the home. No problems, no talk of home etc.

He enjoyed going out.

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