Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend blues

George does try to help but unfortunately it generally creates more work. On Saturday I wash the bed linen and let the bed air while I go to visit Mum. I went into the bedroom to find a sheet plonked on the bed and the duvet inner taken out from its cover, just what you need.

George is certainly not coping with toilet issues at the moment and often comes out of the toilet area carrying his pants. It is very difficult to know how to deal with things sometimes as often those with Alzheimer's really have little idea of the fact that what they are doing is not the way to do it.

Another thing I will have to watch is whether he is starting to see things which are not there. Yesterday he looked over the arm of the chair and said to the floor, "oh there you are, what are you doing there?" When I asked who he was talking to he told me it was the cat. At the time the cat was having something to eat in another room.

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