Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dog with a bone

George can be like a dog with a bone. Mum was the same. He has been on about a photo of Charlie Upham which he has been unable to find so every time he can he starts pulling stuff out - even the cutlery from the drawer - looking for it. Yesterday I printed off some photos for him (in desperation) on one A4 page. Before I knew it he was cutting it up and lost one of the photos! Searching then started all over again. I printed off another sheet and gave him a book to paste the pictures in. He then started to cut them out. By this time he had lost the book (still haven't found it). I tried to divert him and dished up tea. Every 5 minutes he would get up and start on the pictures again and I would have to suggest that he might like to finish his tea. This went on throughout the meal. It can be very frustrating - LEARN PATIENCE!!!

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