Saturday, June 21, 2014


Something George does is he often returns to the lounge after going to the toilet without his trousers and continence pants on. I then have to tell him how to put them back on!! Luckily this has not happened when we have been out but could be a rude shock to others. This is where it becomes difficult as he is going to have to miss out on his son's second wedding as it is in Auckland. It is not possible to travel any more.

My sister has been in NZ for about 10 days and it has been nice to catch up with her. She and her husband have visited Mum, their friends and done a tiki tour while here. They stay at motel while in NZ.

Tomorrow we have meetings at the home as they are trying to move Mum to a different home as they seem to think she no longer shows dementia signs!! After 3 and a half years of living there this would be traumatic for Mum as she regards it as her home and knows the staff. Putting her with strangers is the last thing I would have thought she needed at this time. It is lucky that my sister is here to attend with me. I have also organised for a Patient Advocate to come as well. Because I will be away so long I am taking George to the home with me. I have therefore had to reorganise his care and our morning routines, so much to remember to do just for a simple thing like being ready for a meeting.

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