Friday, June 6, 2014

The down day

Today is a down day - this may because it is one of the days I go to see Mum and so he is on his own for a while. He got his onesie off last night but luckily no problems as he left the continence pants on. Yesterday I had to change them 4 times as he got them and his pants wet every time he tried to go to the toilet.

This morning he came out and said he didn't feel well but luckily felt better after breakfast and coffee. While I am away I leave him out food on the bench and put on a DVD for him. When I got back I found 4 odd shoes and slippers out in the lounge and several shirts out on the bed in the bedroom but luckily no toilet issues!! I always try to think of the positive parts otherwise you might not be able to handle things.

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