Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sense of humour

It is important for those caring for people with Alzheimer's to retain their sense of humour. The Alzheimer's sufferers do some very funny things and it is nice to share some of these things with others. I remember when I was teaching that it is the same with kids and the teachers shared the anecdotes. As there is just George and me living here I sometimes share with the carers who come in to dress him in the mornings or with people in Mum's home. It actually needs to be with someone who has an understanding of the behaviours and the disease. I fully appreciate that before Mum I had little idea of what was involved but actually living with it is not something that others can readily understand without walking in the same shoes, like anything else such as fires, earthquakes and floods.

George is hallucinating a bit and the other night I saw him lift and imaginary phone and speak into it waiting for a reply. When he got none he carefully put the phone back. These hallucinations are very real to the person concerned. Seeing animals and children is very common.

My sister is visiting for 10 days and will be in Christchurch for the two weekends which means that I don't need to visit Mum on the two Saturdays so that saves me. She and her husband have gone for a trip down South to do a tiki tour. I plan to put George into respite care when the weather is warmer and do a similar trip on my own. Although it is not as much fun on your own it will be a lovely break. It is important for caregivers to take breaks so that they don't wear out.

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