Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Where does the time go?

I don't have the answer to that question.

I thought that I would have more time now but it is not working out that way.

I go to see George most days and it is good if I am there for some of the lunch time. This is when the major meal of the day is served. George can no longer use cutlery properly. I ensure that all his vegetables are cut up, the carers do cut up the meat but he needs everything cut up so it is left. I also need to tell him how much he likes the various meals, then he will eat the meal quite happily. Unfortunately the carers can't do all that one on one for each person so often many do not eat enough.

George's home caters for rest home level and dementia but not hospital level care. A fall often results in a stay in hospital followed by a move to another home catering for hospital level care. It is something I need to think about for the future.

Last weekend George's youngest son visited for a couple of hours on the Sunday. He had not seen George for over 18 months. George was having a good day as he had slept in that morning. They had a good time looking at old movies about the family.

This weekend his eldest son is visiting for a few days which is great. With the two of us we can take him out. With his poor mobility it is easier with two of us and the risk of a fall is reduced.

The following weekend I am going away to visit my grandchildren. They have missed out on my visits and it is important that I get to see them. We are in contact via Instagram and regular phone calls but it is not the same.

So hard when you are pulled in so many directions. It is especially hard when families live so far apart.

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