Sunday, October 30, 2016

Organizing ourselves

George has had his eldest son here for the last three days. they have spent so much quality time together. We took everything pretty slow and he was very much part of the conversation and was quite lucid most of the time. There were times when he was not totally coherent but we just went with the flow and he seemed to come back on track.

During this time George's son also had various things to do while he was here so we organized it all and it worked out really well. Lovely for me too to have someone to chat to and to show the building repairs to...

Yesterday was the last day and George was tired out. We stayed in the home with him and while he would wake and chat he showed no desire to move. The two of them shared a bottle of red wine which George loved.

It is so lovely to have these family times as George's son will have this lovely memory to take away with him of the wonderful time they spent together. 


  1. Yes but we didn't have to organise George as well until we got to the home. The caregivers did that which makes life easier.