Thursday, October 27, 2016

Instead of a home

I love this video from Positive Energy

The cost of keeping people in a home is horrific. Unfortunately many a true word is spoke in jest.


  1. Glad you are back Di. I'll be posting that video soon. My brother is on Continuing Health Care because of the progression of his dementia so the state pays all fees. However he was still evicted from one Nursing Home because his wife claimed they had ignored ongoing oral thrush. Unfortunately, it is too late for a Cruise Ship for John. Glad you have found a way to keep in contact with family: something I'm struggling with at the moment.

  2. Here we are means tested before the govt helps with fees. Spend, spend, spend! However that doesn't help me much cos I still need some to live on. Our joint assets have to be very limited. I have heard of people divorcing to get around this but I doubt that it would work. They have the right to go through everything as far as they wish to ensure you are not hiding anything.

    I like the cruise option ...

    I am totally unimpressed that anyone could be evicted from a home. So unsettling for everyone. Your brothers wife has to be his advocate so for him to be punished due to her bringing a problem to their attention is rubbish and an abuse of power. It all makes things quite difficult.

  3. Yes, this is an appealing option, except when you get dementia and one-on-one care of some kind is required. I'm going to try to find my own nursing home before it's too late – one where I'll be able to be active and engaged with life until the end. Are maybe I'll be lucky, and I first, before I get too debilitated :) I don't have a husband, or children, or family to take care of me – it's just me! I have to take care of myself :) people we have taken care of have been lucky, they don't know how lucky they are <3

  4. You are so right Susan, I am in the same boat. Mum and George had me to look after them but there is no one for me either. I guess with the experiences we have been through it makes us think about the future far more than most.