Thursday, March 17, 2016

Where am I?

There are times when I really wonder about just what George knows. There are times when I may say to him that tea is on the table, he gets up and is not sure where to go. I just quietly tell him 'over this way'. I use a lot of hand signals. I notice when he goes down the hall he checks in each doorway to find his room. It seems to be best to be in a smaller space rather then a bigger one but then he also needs the room for all his stuff, no win situation really. Patience is needed and I don't let him think anything is wrong even when I feel really frustrated. My life is easier if he doesn't feel frustrated.

I do feel so sorry for these people as their disease progresses. It must be really scary for them at times. George is pretty happy because he thinks everything he does is right.

Don't get me wrong as some days he knows exactly where everything is.

He often puts clothes on. I have given up trying to stop this behaviour. Some nights he will have on two pairs of long pants and three shirts. When the caregiver gets him ready for bed I spirit the extra clothes away. This tends to happen when I am trying to do something else.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

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