Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Poor George. We have been having some really hot weather and George does not cope well. I have noticed this with others. I find plenty of liquids and letting him have plenty of naps. He still gets very confused. He has a lot of trouble now recognising whether he is hot or cold and keeps putting clothes on and off - when this happens he is inclined to sit on the bed requiring me to wash him and the bed clothes. I do try to keep tabs on where he is going and what he is doing although this is not always easy.

Something I am very aware of ( and was re Mum as well ) not all family members let me know where they are and how to contact them in an emergency. The morning Mum had her stroke I went in to see her and then went to pick George up. Dropped home quickly to get somethings and send emails. I rang one of my sisters on the off chance she was home and luckily she was and was able to contact my other sister. I then took George with me and we went back to Mum.  So lucky. However we have had two close family member die and have had to get the police to help in locating other family members, this stress you don't need at this time.

If you are a family member just remember to let others in your family know where you are especially if you are going away.

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