Thursday, January 14, 2016

Yesterday I saw that the caregivers have not been doing a good job with his shaving. I made an appointment for him at a groom room. While we were waiting I watched as they gave two guys hair cuts. As part of the treatment they had scalp massages and then a shoulder/neck massage to finish - talk about pampering. He had a razor cut but was very tense throughout. The woman who did it was very good. I have booked him in for a hair cut in a couple of weeks. The price is about the same as his regular barber and so much nicer.

Got home to a massive flood! The dishwasher had started up all n its own and flooded the place. It took me ages to find the plug and turn it off. Got it off thank goodness and got someone in to look at it. They have taken it away to try to repair it - fingers crossed.

Let me tell you it is no fun trying to clean up with George making demands all the time.

I bought a new magazine today - guess what? It has mysteriously vanished into thin air. I suspect it is now cut up and I didn't see any of it...

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