Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Peewee emerges

For over a week George has been suffering from shingles. While he has had this he is kept in isolation so I have been spending a lot of time with him. I am also taking DVDs for him to watch when I leave. He loved Mary Poppins and yesterday it was Casablanca which he loves. As can be expected he is more confused than usual. A week ago when I asked him who I was he couldn't get his tongue around Kewpie and it became Peewee.  It has remained Peewee ever since. Kewpie has morphed into Peewee.

Unfortunately I was in the garden yesterday when my leg slipped down and an old branch stabbed up into my leg, in the inner calf. The blood was gushing out including clots. I put some bandages around it which did not stem the flow of blood. I got into the car and drove to the doctors. Once there I fainted and my body went into shock. Very nice. A couple of times I came round to hear the doctor saying she couldn't find a pulse. I was sweating profusely and unable to move. Very scary! The ambulance came and took me to hospital. I was hooked up and luckily enough was better enough to go home to my own bed after about six hours. When I was asked who they could ring I was very aware there is no one here, it is just me. Luckily I have some good neighbours and friends. For the last 6 years I have been here for Mum and George but I am on my own.

VERY quiet today.


  1. Look after yourself Peewee. I'm sorry we are so far away.

  2. Thank you Paul. I am doing my best. As I am still rather trembly I can't do much else.

    Peewee reminds me that when I was younger I was a fencer. I am only 5 foot one and a half inches. The others reckoned I had an unfair advantage as not as much target area and they called me peanut! They had length of course.

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}} for you dear lady