Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Need to slow down

today I went back to the doctor for the bandage to be changed and the wound to be checked. I took in wine and chocolate for the staff to thank them for the wonderful treatment. Apparently the doctor who stitched me up - it was his first day at the centre! What a welcome! Frankly I don't remember that at all.

After the doctor I went and spent time with George. He is certainly confused at the moment. I put some of his lunch and told him to put it into his mouth, "how do I do that?".

From there it was off to the lawyer to get a paper signed and finally home nearly five hours later.

I was buggered and very trembly, resting ever since. I will be with George on Xmas Day but I am not going tomorrow - I need to get myself right or I am no good to anyone. On Saturday a Community nurse is coming to change the bandage again. I will also need to ring the medical centre to find out when the stitches come out.

It never rains but it pours.


  1. Time to look after yourself or you know what will happen!

  2. {{{{{{{giant hugs}}}}}}} for you dear lady

    take care of yourself