Saturday, September 24, 2016

A spring in the step

George has been very good over the last week and we have had lots of conversations about his son's visit. He also keeps asking when he is coming back as he obviously remembers that he is coming. He is quite happy when I tell him it is isn't for a little while and I will tell him when.

Today when I went in he was dozing in a chair and although he woke up straight away he was not very 'with it'. He needed a shave and when I gave him the shaver he just dropped it down. I shaved him with lots of moaning and groaning going on, however we got there. He did enjoy his milkshake. I also take in large bottles of drink for him, just as I did with Mum. His language was often jumbled and not very coherent. Getting him to the table for lunch was a mission.

I was feeling pretty down when I left the home. On the way home I stopped to get petrol. Here oldies get 8 cents a litre off when they use their Gold Card. When I went to pay the bill the young man serving (in his twenties) looked at the card, looked at me and looked at the card and looked at me. After doing this a few times I asked if there was something wrong. He said 'well you can't have had this card long'. I did not tell him he needed to go to Specsavers and  left that garage with a spring in my step!

I have been laughing as I have been reading some of Paul's blog. He has said how he feels at the patronizing way some people speak to him. I feel exactly the same way! So do the people with Alzheimer's. I hear people saying that looking after those with dementia is like looking after a child! WRONG. Talking to them as though they are a child is the best way to get their backs up. Mum used to get so upset and would often ask me to explain to others that she was intelligent and knew what she was talking about (even when she didn't). You need to take what they say with dignity and respect and accept that this is their reality and talk to them as though that is exactly what it is.


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