Saturday, September 3, 2016

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. I always try to make it special for George.

George was having a good day and was very lucid. He had had a good sleep and a big sleep in which makes a difference.

One of his sons sent a card and a gift - chocolates which are appropriate as he has developed a really sweet tooth like Mum. We carefully put these in his top drawer where we are hoping others won't find them!

I took in his regular milkshake as well. I also took a card from all his sons.

He cannot open things any longer so I open them and just have the contents peeking out. He is then able to get the card or gift out himself. He no longer makes sense from reading so I read the cards for him. He was thrilled with everything.

We looked at photos of him with his sons. This way I try to ensure that he knows them and who they are.

I have always believed that Mother's and Father's Days should be about family and doing something for the person, not just grabbing a gift. Spending time is important!

When I was teaching the children and I brainstormed all sorts of things their parents would like. These did not cost money but time and effort. It might be cleaning the car, doing the dishes or getting the parent breakfast in bed for example. The children then made a cards and a voucher for their parent. They then fully understood that the parent could use the voucher as appropriate.

Parents and children all liked this.

Something I did today was to text someone who has been a wonderful father to his children, I just told him what a wonderful father he is.

So good to celebrate days to make them special. Although George may not remember it for long you need to enjoy being in the moment.

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  1. I agree Di we need to stay in the moment. I liked 'The Power of Now' on that one!