Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Clapping time

Don't know where this one has come from but lately George claps a lot, hopefully it is to show pleasure. Catheter problems arise and I often have to change the sheets. I bless the day someone told me about the Artic sheets as they dry so quickly.

Because of George's incontinence I keep his linen separate. I also have to wash for him daily. I do a separate wash for other stuff.

He continues to deteriorate but then bounces back for a bit however the deterioration is becoming more and more. He certainly picks up when he has someone talking to him in a one on one conversation. I just have a feeling that when he needs to go into a home when our renovations and repairs are done that he will not be at a point where he can return home.

I have been really worried about the financial burden on me. I realise that I gifted one third of Mum's fees for the home as well as paying all her additional expenses needed in the home ( hip pads, shore gel, drinks, chocolate, clothes, name labels for example ) and in addition paid people to go and visit her. I also kept her car which enabled family members to use it while visiting Christchurch as well as taking holidays in the South Island. Costs for the car included warrants, registration all mechanical things as well as various other things such as batteries and repairing anything that happened etc. I did not use the car.  I guess that is probably the cost of the home all up so although I will not be able to do some of the things that I thought I would do in retirement at least I should not need to use savings for all of this so should be OK. Luckily my share of the estate enabled me to recoup the savings I had to use on Mum.

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  1. Mom also claps all the time now. I think it's how she expresses all her strong emotions from happiness to frustration.