Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Juggling act

There are times when this place feels like Grand Central Railway Station. This week access is blocked to our homes while they concrete the guttering. It is a real pain as we need to park around the corner. I did this on Sunday but by the next day had lost my car keys, luckily I have the spare.

I am dealing (still) with the insurance company relating to the earthquakes (4 and a half years ago). This is so we can get on and do the repairs needed as well as some slight alterations. This will put in an en-suite bathroom for George. I will really be happy when that happens.

One day this week I had round: two caregivers, one health nurse, one builder and one electrician. Timing these things can be a nightmare. I have something similar today.

This week George has seemed to be more confused and it has taken the caregivers quite a lot of time to shower him. If you ask him about a part of his body he is likely to point to a very different part. I am well aware that when the repairs etc are being done George will need to go into a rest home and there is every likelihood that he may become institutionalized. All I can do is play it by air.

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