Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Importantance of caregivers

Unfortunately George's main caregiver was on annual leave for a fortnight.  So difficult. I found myself on the phone constantly trying to find out who was coming ( if anyone) and when they were coming. It took hours to sort out and there were times when they couldn't get staff. When a patient is incontinent the carers need to be coming every day, the risk of infection is high especially as he also has a catheter. I spent a day with George in the hospital with an infection. It is also incredibly confusing for George.

He is having more and more very confused days. There are times when he can't find his way around the flat and I have to show him where to go. Other times I need to show him where the table and his meal is. He then likes me to tell him what is on the plate.

Now the caregiver is back I am able to try to try to get some order back as well as trying to get things settled with EQC - very stressful.

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