Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The joys of incontinence

Each Monday a public health nurse visits to change George's day bag. These bags are changed weekly.

After the nurse changed the bag she came to tell me that she had not put a plastic sheet on the bed before George sat down. The result was that the comforter was now soiled so I had to wash that.

This morning the sheet was soiled - result was this needed washing.

George has been wearing pull-up diapers for some time now but that does not always ensure that things do not get soiled, you need to be vigilant to check for this. Unfortunately he sometimes tries to use the toilet as well which results in faeces on the seat and floor requiring steam cleaning quickly. I have a steam mop which I keep at the ready. I always keep cleaners and cloths in the toilet at the ready. These are only used in there and are well soaked before washing.

Each morning I take the night bag off, empty it in the toilet and then run the nozzle under the tap in the laundry to flush it out ready to use the next night. I have found that holding the nozzle at a 45 degree angle seems to be easiest to get water to go into the tube.

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