Friday, May 15, 2015


Yesterday was my birthday. As other caregivers will know this doesn't mean much when you are looking after those with Alzheimer's. You always try to make their day special but it doesn't work the other way. George cut out pictures of beautiful women from magazines to give me. So sweet.

George had his club yesterday. On the way to the club I heard, on the radio, about Mt John station. The husband of one of my mother's friends was instrumental in setting this up so I started thinking about Mum and her friend.

I then had an appointment and while I was waiting picked up the paper and lo and behold on P3 was a big article about the husband of another of Mum's friends (now 90) who is giving advice to Nepal over building over there after their awful earthquakes.  I knew then Mum was with me.

Later that day I had coffee with a person who worked for Mum and Dad (it was also her birthday). I felt very much as though they were both there all day.

George continues to deteriorate but it fluctuates day by day; sometimes hour by hour. He can be very confused and an hour later be very lucid. As a caregiver you need to roll with the punches.

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