Sunday, November 1, 2015

The change around

George was very bemused all week and had no idea of anything. I had taped the Springbox v the Pumas game for him but he had no idea of what was going on even though I tried to talk himthrough it. He had no idea of the game or what the teams were.

What a change on Sunday!

When he got out and came through people on the TV were talking about the game. George sat down and said 'we won'.

I put the tape on so he could watch the game. He loved it. He followed it all and knew who the All Blacks and the Wallabies were.

After that we went to Honeys to meet another couple. George was able to tell them about the tours he did with the game and stories about many of the old players. He really enjoyed reminiscing the old days.

Great that he has bounced back although you never know how long this will last.

Enjoy these times

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