Friday, November 6, 2015

A down day

Last night George was up and down during the night. This morning I found, in the lounge, a mountain of pillows and clothes on the sofa and chairs. He did not have to get up early (just as well) as the caregiver does not arrive until 10 o'clock. He has slept a lot today and really not been with it. While he is asleep I do not disturb him as he must be catching up on last nights antics - like a teenager!! Took me some considerable time to sort it out this morning.

He is becoming very frail and I do worry about him falling but he has lots of walking sticks around the house as he leaves them in all sorts of places.

Last night the caregiver asked about what the clapping meant and I said I wasn't sure but he did it a lot. It could be

  • happy
  • telling you to get a move on
  • he appreciated whatever was going on
  • he just likes the sound of it

Not sure myself, probably a bit of each one. 

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