Friday, August 21, 2015


George went in to a home for me to have respite care. Unfortunately when I got home I was not well and it has taken me a fortnight or more to 'come right'. People often say to me that they hope that I have  a good support system. Unfortunately I do not have one at all. All the family live in other places and are very busy with enjoying their own lives. Most of the time this is just the way it is but there are times when it would be so nice to have one of them here to stay a night or two. Unfortunately the respite care allocation is not a lot.

As a child I worried about everyone else especially I worried in case people were lonely or didn't have anyone. As a toddler I went to the gate every day to talk to two elderly people who were out taking their morning walks. I would chat away to them every day and did not even know their names. They loved talking to me...

Poor Mum, everyone who moved into the neighbourhood I went and introduced myself and then invited them to our home for morning tea tomorrow. I then went home and told Mum when they were coming. She didn't have much chance but met our new neighbours this way and the new people knew someone else so I accomplished that.

I have always been able to put myself in other people's shoes but certainly notice that most just pay lip service to supporting others. They also need to stop and think before criticising and try to acknowledge what others do.

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