Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A very sad day

Today is a really sad day for Christchurch. Today is the anniversary of the February earthquakes. This happened six years ago and many people died. A new memorial garden was opened for the people who died in the CTV building. This is to be a tranquil place in the middle of the city. Although a lot of work has been done in the city there is still a lot more to be done.

I have been thinking today of what we were doing on the day. From that day things just got progressively worse. We weren't the only ones and many people are still in a state of limbo, hard to believe.

Last night Bruce Springsteen played a concert here and sang 'My city is in ruins'. So touching.

I think that I have just used it as a day for remembering all sorts of things, some good, some not so good.

To night a lovely neighbour brought me over some beautiful whitebait patties, a delicacy here. They were from the West Coast and just wonderful. Just how they should be. Proper homemade ones are so superior to ones you can buy, a lovely end to the day.

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