Saturday, July 4, 2015

Remember you are only human

Yesterday did not start well. George had taken the night bag off resulting in sodden sheets....

I took him to a cafe where we met some other people and one of the men engaged George in one on one conversation which he really enjoyed. Back home he was restless and although nothing outrageous just kept me doing things with him to keep him calm and of course I have other things to do. My patience was wearing thin.

Last night, while eating tea, he kept playing with it and moving it round and round the plate and then telling me he had finished. I kept saying he hadn't and to eat it up. He eats and lot of sweet rubbish food which is fine but I do try to keep a balanced diet for him for his three main meals. In the end I gave up but I was 'sharpish' with him.

He sat in lounge and was quite upset at 'being growled at'. I shouldn't have done it and I know better but...

Remember we as caregivers are only human sometimes

Luckily he is a bit better today but still not one of his better days.

Tomorrow he is being reassessed by the people from the hospital.

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