Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When things go wrong

Keep calm...

As I say to George "don't worry, be happy".

On Monday a community nurse came to put a new catheter in for George and unfortunately botched the job. No urine came out of the catheter during the afternoon, only blood! We ending up spending a lot of the night in the hospital getting things sorted. When things like this don't hesitate, as a carer it is important that you ensure that things are going well.

This sort of thing causes upheaval to the running of your lives and although I have kept George to routine as much as possible I have also been mindful of the situation and we have been very quiet today. The trick is to remain calm as if you appear stressed it will not help the situation but in fact make matters worse.

I have also let the powers that be know about the situation. It is important that the professionals dealing with these people do a good job and do not try to trivialize the seriousness of it.

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