Sunday, October 25, 2015

A wonderful 3 days

George's eldest son came over from Australia to stay with George for three days.

George's son concentrated on spending quality time with George while he was here. He was very patient with him and George was very ‘with it’ all weekend and took part in most conversations and certainly knew what was going on. This weekend meant so much to George. The first night although he was absolutely buggered he did not want to go to sleep as he didn’t want to miss a minute of being with his son. We spent the whole time out and about (which George loves). Friday we went to Honey’s, then in and George's son saw George's Harakeke club, did a quick drive around in town and then down to the library ending with a drink at the pub across the road. That night George did not want to go to bed even though he was really tired. His son watched a movie with him (George was in bed) and he really enjoyed having him there. 

 On Saturday we went to the Markets at Lyttelton.. George had soup, whitebait patty, and we all had an ice cream (real berries). We then came back through the tunnel to Sumner where George's son spotted a bar which we hadn't known was there. Settled down with drinks and I took some video of the two of them talking. We then went to The Warehouse but George was really flagging by then so I got him back to the car. So then on Sunday back to Honeys after watching the NZ v South Africa game and then a quick drink at the pub before getting George's son to the airport.

During the weekend they  spent a lot of time ‘chewing the fat’ and looking at photos and talking about the old days. 

It is spending quality time like this which is so beneficial to both of them. George's son will always have this time together to look back on and George will remember it for a long time to come. 

I take a lot of time (all the time) talking to him about his family to keep them alive in his memory banks and I will now add the things they did together this weekend to it.

The weekend was wonderful for me too as it is not often  that I have a proper conversation consistently as for the last five years dealing with Mum and George all the time I keep the language very basic so that they understand what I am talking about. 

Such a special time.